Would you like to include a spouse or partner?

By selecting "Yes", you’ll be able to include your spouse or partner’s information in the calculations. If the difference in age between you and your spouse / partner is more than 6 years or if you are in different planning stages, we suggest you plan separately.

What stage of retirement planning are you in?
Planning for retirement means currently working full-time in your career / job. In retirement means retired from your full-time career / job, but may still include part-time work to supplement your income needs. In the Retirement Income section of this tool, you can indicate how long you plan to work part-time in retirement and how much you expect to earn.
What is your age?
What is your spouse or partner's age?
What is your expected retirement age?

The age you retire has a significant impact on how much you’ll need to contribute to meet your projected retirement income needs.


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